What are the main challenges writers face around book publishing?

Writing and publishing a book can be so rewarding on many levels. While some authors wait patiently for an agent or publisher to get back to them, others decide that self-publishing their book would give them more freedom over their work and would allow them to play a greater role in every aspect – from manuscript to the final publication. However, there are certain hurdles to overcome before successfully publishing a book for your business. Can you identify with any of the following?

  1. A lack of confidence and expertise and feeling overwhelmed with everything you need to figure out before publishing.
  2. Unclear of the process and steps involved in publishing a book. Overwhelm!
  3. You want to feel in control of your work and for it to remain authentic and fear if you just hand it over, it won’t seem “yours” anymore.
  4. You worry about who to trust as you hear so many horror stories.
  5. You need someone who will “get” you and your book, someone you will enjoy working with.
  6. You don’t know what questions to ask or what you need to know/be aware of when considering publishing. You don’t want to come across as clueless or vulnerable and are afraid of letting your guard down.
  7. You don’t want to have to source or deal with several service providers.
  8. There is so much information out there on publishing that you don’t know what is important and what isn’t.
  9. You worry if your book is good enough and how you will know it is ready for publishing.

Other challenges I have come across which tend to come later in the publishing process are as follows:

  • How do I get my books into bookstores?
  • How do I get reviews for my book?
  • How can I get publicity?
  • How can I protect my work?
  • Where can I find readers for my book?
  • What is the best price for my book?
  • How do I launch my book?
  • How can I generate sales?

It can be really difficult to get around to publishing when you have so many concerns and challenges floating around inside your head and it is no wonder so few projects come to fruition. Ultimately all writers can identify with the following: that when they finish their book, to have it appreciated and valued and for it to be found by those who most need to read it. It is so wonderful to build up a following, a fan base, a new client base or list of prospects who found you through your book. 

Books need to be nurtured. It isn’t enough just to publish; marketing and publicity are also important aspects of successful publishing. You will most likely need to utilise various social media platforms to promote your work to get your book out to as many interested people as you can; you need to be consistent, persistent yet engaging and share useful, engaging content and not all promotion of your book.

Where to find content for your business book?

One of the most common dilemmas is down to how to write a book in the first place. 

If you are passionate about what you want to share with others, you can write down your thoughts and feelings into coherent sentences or paragraphs following a plan on who you are writing for, what they will get from it (needs to be of real value to them not what you perceive the value to be) and what you hope to achieve as a tangible outcome. There needs to be something achievable for the reader by the end of the process, no matter how small.

Think of who this book is for-see them as aa client you have worked with, your target audience (but treat as if you are talking to one specific person).

  1. Who is your main character (someone in your target readership)?
  2. What do they really want? 
  3. What stands in their way?
  4. What would they do or what must they do to achieve their goal?
  5. What is at stake if they fail?

You need to be very specific when answering the above to really connect with your writing and for the reader to be able to relate to you. Will they feel understood?

Once you have your content mapped out, it’s best to sit back for some time and reflect on how your book should look before you start formatting it. 

Can you call upon case studies for ideas of content or to back up and add depth to what you are writing.  Look at other books for ideas if you don’t know where to start. 

Writing is simple, but good writing takes time because you have to write something that people want to read.

The title is important because it will help determine your book’s success and how the public will perceive it but it can be left to the end when you have everything else in place. Just remember, is it clear from your title what the book is about and who it is for? It is important what your book will look like too because an attractive cover will draw positive attention and look professional. 

Please remember don’t just publish a book containing standard information available on the internet. It should be about insights and wisdom and creating solutions based on knowledge and experience.


For anyone looking for new ideas on how they can promote their products or services, there is no better way than by creating a high value book. 

By taking the time to write your book with a passion for what you have learned through life experience, you will find that you can share your knowledge and skills with others who are looking for answers. It becomes a win-win for all parties, you as the published author who can now use your books as a tool and resource for opening more business opportunities for you, help you gain more credibility and get more clients or leads. It also showcases your expertise in a tangible form that is practical, resourceful and beneficial. You will gain more respect and be seen as a leader in your field. Published authors do get more visibility and attention. 

It takes time and patience to write a book especially when there are so many other things to do at the same time. Writers need to utilise an array of skills and techniques including brainstorming, researching and organising the topics that need to be included in a book. As explained above, there are also challenges to be overcome. Please know that you don’t have to try to figure it all out for yourself. Reach out if you want your book published in a way that best represents you and showcases your knowledge and expertise in the best possible light.